Timothy Spall Family Tree 


Timothy Spall Family Tree
Big fan of this talented actor?  Why not treat yourself to Timothy Spall's Family Tree.  See nearly 200 years of Timothy's ancestors in the Family Tree and Family Details. 

The name Spall is unusual and very rare.  Unusual from the point of view of being a likely derivation of “St Paul” the spelling changing variously over the years to Spaul, and Spall, and even Spawl on occasions It would tend to be given to a person living near the Church of St Paul or possibly from a village with St Paul in its name due to a Church of the same name being in the village.

It is rare in as much as there are only a few concentrations of the name in England from the 18th century and earlier onwards.  It originated in Suffolk in the area around the Ipswich and Woodbridge areas.  Just north of Ipswich is the small village of Dallinghoo where Timothy Spall’s family are first met with.  There were also a scatting of Spalls around the coastal counties of England from at least the early 1800s implying that at least some of the family took to seafaring in the early days.  Also there was a fairly large concentration of Spauls in the Shoreditch and Holborn areas of London who probably were not related and may have derived their name through a connection with St Paul’s Cathedral in London


We first come across this part of the family living in Dallinghoo working on the land as Agricultural Labourers around the village in the early 19th century.


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