Danny Baker Family Tree

Danny Baker Family Tree

Danny Baker Radio Show 2005: "Oh Paul McNeil! Thank you so much for this!  I've always wondered about this sort of thing and now I can see that there is not one drop of Royal Blood anywhere in my tree!"

Big fan of the Cockney DJ?  Why not have a look at Danny Baker's Family Tree.  See nearly 200 years of Danny's ancestors; were they always Londoners?

The origins of the Baker name are self explanatory and originate from the Middle Ages when surnames were first legally required for purposes of identification for taxation; the baker in the village would have been given the surname "Baker" if he didn't have one of his own, by the local Lord's baliff or bailey (and hence the surname "Bailey").  From then on the name would have stuck although the trade may have changed.

Danny Baker's Story starts in more recent times, about 1800, with Charles John Baker, who was in "Her Majesty's Service" at Windsor in Berkshire.  His son, Robert William baker, was born in 1833 at Windsor, and became an Apprentice Chemist, moving to London to take up his trade with a Scotsman, Robert Watson in Hanover Square Westminster.  He was to continue in this trade for the rest of his life, so spent 40 years as a Chemist and Druggist.

The rest of the Family's journey can be seen in the pages below.

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Danny Baker Family Tree Details

Danny Baker Family Tree


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