Alan Titchmarsh Family Tree 

Big fan of Britain's most popular gardener?  Why not have a look at Alan's Family Tree.  See over 200 years of Alan's ancestors. 

The Titchmarsh Family name originates in Northamptonshire, near Peterborough, and is a name applied to people who came from the Parish of Titchmarsh.  Alanís ancestors came from Bourne in Cambridgeshire, in the 18th Century, and moved to Hemingford Grey in Huntingdonshire by the early 19th Century.  They were Agricultural Labourers working on the land; a fitting start for the ancestors of Alan the Gardner.

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Alan Titchmarsh Family Report

Alan Titchmarsh Family Tree


With thanks to Susan and Howard Toon, and their daughter Clare Toon for their valuable input to their branch of the tree.  They can be reached on , should you wish to contact them.


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