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Personalised, Individual, Family History Services

If your ancestors lived in   the UK (England,   Scotland, or Wales)   here is your opportunity to hear the patter and clump of the feet that brought your family to where they   are today.   Finding the stories of your ancestors breathes life back into people who would otherwise remain dead, buried, and forgotten.


Choose from one of the services below, click on the link to the left to see the detail of what you get, then fill in the order form and leave Timedetectives to delve into the past for you; it's as simple as that!


We have been tracing Family Histories for 25 years and our services are designed to fit all budgets, to a fixed price.


Whether you choose the   Family Tree Service with its framed Family Tree, and Family Report booklet, taking you back   at least 200 years guaranteed, or the   Family Story, where the details are pulled together into a narrative showing how your family survived the times in which they lived to go alongside your Tree and Report, plus a CD with large detailed trees included.   Or   make a day of it with Family Event where an experienced speaker from Timedetectives to entertain you and your party with a witty and dramatic story of your Family's past.    


Whichever you choose you will join the growing band of satisfied customers, but be warned the services are addictive and you may find yourself coming back for more!


Just give us a few details concerning the family name you wish to have researched and we do the rest.   The more information you start us with the further and faster we can trace back.          

And it doesn't stop there; if you are a fan of a celebrity such as a sportsperson, actor, politician, or musician, why not check out our Celebrity Tree Page, and see the trees for your favourites.

Mensamagazinecover2008052Want to understand why some families rise above the rest?  Click on the link to see the Time Detectives article for MENSA Magazine on "Vector Ancestors":  Are you, or do you have, an ancestor on a positive or negative vector?


More questions?   Want to know if we can trace a family for you?   Just click on the Enquiry tab and get   free no obligation feedback.


..And remember; you don't have to be in the UK to benefit from what we can offer, we have traced trees for the descendants of British people who moved to America, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and South Africa.  So whether you are now an Aussie or a Yank you can still find out which of your ancestors were Jocks, Paddies, Taffies, Limies or Poms!  For an example of a Canadian Tree Click here:


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